Oregon Capital Chronicle article on the trend line for the impact of high school enrollment in Community Colleges

This ARTICLE article by Alex Baumhardt shows some interesting data on dual enrollment impacts on Oregon’s Community College student counts and the impact on state/student tuition revenues for the College. Read More

Alex Perry’s heads up about some exciting new research projects funded by the Dual Enrollment Research Fund

Alex Perry of the College in High School Alliance sent us word of a new round of research project in Dual Enrollment. this ARTICLE describes six research projects under way due to funding awards by the Dual Enrollment Research Fund.  The awards were made to advance research along topics of dual enrollment equity, TEACHER CREDENTILING policy, and CTE programing with dual enrollment.   We’re particularly interested in seeing the work addressing teacher credentials from Oregon’s Sponsored Dual Credit model “(which provides an […] Read More

Community College Faculty challenge dual credit legislation in Illinois based on faculty union concerns about shifting college level course work from the college campus to the High School

This  article in the Pentagraph by Mateusz Janik (April 14, 2024)  describes some unique shifts in faculty teaching loads from the college campus to the high school campus through dual credit course options.  As these dual credit programs become more and more popular, some Community College faculty unions see faculty teaching loads shift to high schools, thus reducing the demand for that course content on campus and a resulting reduction in faculty teaching those courses. This shift toward high school […] Read More

A good fact sheet on dual enrollment 2024

this is a quick read with some broad national data sets for those looking for some good talking points in support of dual enrollment programing Read More