What is Graduate Credit Quest?

Graduate Credit Quest was created by the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) and the Northeast Wisconsin Educational Resource Alliance (NEWERA) to help concurrent-enrollment teachers in their quest to be qualified to teach college-level courses.

Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requires colleges and universities awarding college credit to have qualified faculty. College-level instructor qualifications apply to concurrent-enrollment educators as they apply to college instructors. Therefore, concurrent-enrollment educators may require additional coursework to teach in their chosen field. Graduate Credit Quest provides these teachers with a list of relevant courses they can take to earn the credentials necessary to teach college-level courses..

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What is the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)?

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is the accreditation body for public and private colleges and universities in 19 states. In 2015, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) clarified the policy language used to define the educational credentials expected of postsecondary faculty members, including high school teachers who teach concurrent-enrollment courses for which high school students earn college credits.  Policy language has undergone a number of changes with the most recent adopted changes in 2023.  

 HLC guidelines require the credit granting institutions to establish faculty standards for all faculty, including dual credit instructors

For teachers who are pursuing dual or concurrent credit  teaching credentials/qualifications , but need graduate credits in the field they wish to teach, there are a range of options for earning graduate credits through the institutions listing courses on GCQ. 

Options include, but are not limited to:

Stand-Alone Graduate Courses

Course offered as part of a Sequence


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Graduate Credit Quest’s mission is to help teachers who need additional content-specific graduate credits to meet college faculty standards. Further information on course certificates, degrees and course offered in sequence is available within the course listings.

Graduate Credit Quest does not provide recommendation for pursuing specific courses, certificates, sequences, or graduate degrees.

Because the determination of faculty credentials vary, we advise teachers to contact the graduate school advisor at their chosen graduate institution for information on courses that will meet dual credit faculty standards or are part of specific sequences, certificates, and master’s degrees.  Contact information and links to specific credit granting institutions is provided within the course listings.