This is a good compendium of articles and publications regarding student outcomes, funding models, and policy for dual credit initiatives

This Collection of articles and research/studies  on dual credit outcomes and performance was assembled by Tracey King Schaller, P. Wesley Routon and Reanna Berry from Georgia Gwinnett College.  I didn’t see content specific to teacher credentialing or dual credit teacher shortages, but it does reflect a lot of mostly positive data and research on dual credit programing success. Read More

Kentucky School authorities establish dual credit attainment goals

In addition to providing some guidelines to state policy on dual credit programing, this article from Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education provides a summary of the progress experienced in Kentucky following scholarship funding for dual credit.  Since 2016, dual credit enrollment has increased by 75%, and currently 42% of high school seniors are graduating with college credit earned through early postsecondary opportunities.   A web link is also provided to the policy pages of the CPE.  Read More

Federal Legislators weighing in on access to dual enrollment in early college programs

This is a bi-partisan interest in congress that looks to make college more accessible and affordable by kick starting college in High School.  This is a — click here for the article — short article, but important to show legislative support for dual credit programming across the country Read More

New Jersey Dual Enrollment Study Commission 2022 report incorporates student outcomes, policy and strategies for increasing enrollment

New Jersey’s Governor and Dept. of Education released a comprehensive report from the work of a dual enrollment commission, charged with assessing the status of dual credit programing (enrollment, access, funding, staffing, more).  The 2022 Report is a good review of traditional student outcomes, but it also heard from focus groups to learn of both benefits and challenges for the programing.  An overview of dual enrollment in New Jersey can be found HERE  Read More

Access to dual credit opportunities for Rhode Island’s differently abled students is highlighted in this report

Rhode Island programing and policy drivers, including access and funding elements are summarized HERE Within the summary, you can also find reports and state resources that lead to an intentional system of inclusion and access avenues, along with student learning and education/career tracks to support student success. Read More