Are you a teacher looking for assistance using the Graduate Credit Quest platform? If so, then this tutorial is for you! Graduate Credit Quest is a tool to help teachers, graduate schools, and concurrent enrollment coordinators accelerate concurrent enrollment credentialing for teachers across the twelve MHEC states.

The first thing you’ll want to do is click the SIGN UP link on our main page at This will take you to a pop-up window. Graduate Credit Quest is designed for teachers  who already hold a master’s degree but need up to 18 additional graduate credits in their content area to meet HLC instructor qualification expectations.. If you do not hold a master’s degree, you may still use Graduate Credit Quest, but you will want to get in touch with the concurrent enrollment liaison or coordinator at the college for which you wish to teach to discuss optimal graduate programs.


We wanted to make Graduate Credit Quest easy to use, and we hope it shows! Once you’ve closed the pop-up, you will be welcomed by our Teacher Sign Up form. The information collected is general:  first and last names, email address, and a password. There is a place to enter any graduate credits you have already completed. We ask for your school district, state in which you teach, and postsecondary institutions for which you intend to teach. While it is optional to include information about your concurrent enrollment coordinator, we do suggest providing this information, as it will allow GCQ to work best for everyone. Completing this form will make it easy to contact your concurrent enrollment coordinator(s) when you wish to take a course, as it will automatically populate and send an email to those individuals.

Once your signup is complete and you’ve been able to sign in for the first time, you will see that the menu options on the top of the page have changed. You now have one link to Find Your Courses, and one link to My Plan – which is what we’ll get into next!


Clicking My Plan will get you to the following screen – your Journey Tracker! This tracker serves several purposes – first, it shows you how close you are to completing your 18 graduate credits by using a mountain climbing graphic. You’ll see your completed credits, completion percentage, and all of the information you entered in the prior step.

On the lower portion of the screen, you will see an area for Current Credits, which would be courses you select from the Graduate Credit Quest platform, and Completed Credits, which will allow you to enter any credits you already hold prior to signing up. The more credits you earn, the closer you are to completing your journey!



Clicking on Find My Courses will bring you to our current Course Listings. These are courses populated by our partner institutions and will allow you to search and select the courses you wish to take.. These courses are searchable by keyword, state, field of study, dates, online availability, and number of credits. You will be able to sort these courses by course number or course title. As GCQ continues to grow, there will be more courses populated from a larger variety of institutional partners.




For demonstration’s sake, selecting Communication as a Field of Study will populate all of the courses listed under that field by all of the institutions that offer such courses. Each will offer Learn More, Add to Path, and Enroll as options. Clicking Learn More will pull up a pop-up with a description of the course, dates offered, number of credits, faculty contact, and university contact for any questions you may have about that course. Clicking Enroll will send an automated message to your concurrent enrollment coordinator (which is why that information is so important). Your coordinator can respond and let you know if the course you propose to take will be acceptable to help you qualify to teach concurrent enrollment courses for the institution for which the coordinator works. You can also add it to your plan or mark the course as completed in your plan from this pop-up screen.

As you see more courses you wish to take, you will repeat this process until your plan is full or you have completed your 18 graduate credits.

If you have any questions on these steps or just want to say hello and let us know what you think of Graduate Credit Quest, please feel free to email us at [email protected]!

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