CHSA is excited to launch the first in a new series of briefs that helps explain the ways in which college in high school programs like dual enrollment and early college interact with wider education policy discussions.

In partnership with Advance CTE, a member of CH

SA’s Steering Committee, CHSA has today published Allies in Postsecondary & Career Success: Career Technical Education Pathways & College in High School Programs that examines the interaction between college in high school programs and Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways.

Interest in CTE pathways and college in high school programs is on the rise as education stakeholders embrace equity-seeking opportunities that put students on a pathway to postsecondary and career success. Both approaches improve student college and career success, particularly for learners of color, learners experiencing low income and other historically marginalized populations.

The brief explains how integrating these approaches allows education stakeholders to design an education system that leverages targeted supports and high expectations to ensure every student has the knowledge and skills for future success.

The brief includes:

  • Shared values between CTE pathways and college in high school programs
  • Common design elements
  • Two examples of a state and a county that are successfully integrating the two approaches

Additional briefs will be published here.

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