The College in High School Alliance recently forwarded a report by Education Trust – West, entitled Jumpstart: Setting Goals to Drive Equitable Dual Enrollment Participation in California’s Community Colleges, and an accompanying data mapping tool. EdTrust West will be holding a webinar on these tools on Wednesday, 2/23 at 4PM – and registration for that webinar is available here.

The report analyzes data from the community colleges across California to see if they’re equitably serving Black, Native, and Latinx students through dual enrollment – they find that they are not yet doing so. In the report, EdTrust West outlines a policy and practice agenda that K-12 and community college leaders can implement to jumpstart efforts for more equitable dual enrollment practices.

The accompanying data tool visually represents the levels of racial equity in dual enrollment across CA’s high school and community college districts. This is a great tool for local education leaders in California to evaluate the level of racial representation in their dual enrollment programs.

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