Community College faculty push back on Dual Credit Legislation on Two Fonts: Assurance of faculty standards and Program Access Shortcomings in the Legislation

Posted on March 29, 2024 by
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This ARTICLE from is an interesting piece on the changing dynamics in dual credit programing/enrollment, where teacher shortages and the faculty standards required of the credit granting institutions are at odds.  Legislative efforts to redress teacher shortages include reducing dual enrollment teacher credentialling requirements (faculty standards) that are impacting student performance outcomes for subsequent college performance…which is being argued by college faculty as a consequence of eliminating college level teaching credentials.  This conversation in Illinois is centered on legislative intent to accommodate growth/demand, as well as to address access to a broader audience of students…beyond high achievers to provide all students with a pathway to post secondary educational tracks.

The opposing faculty have done some homework on access equity and on performance with reduced faculty standards, as well as impacts on college institutional revenues.  This approach helps to shed light on the challenges of teacher shortages, access equity, and funding logic for what all would agree – is a positive programing approach to student success in  college via dual credit.

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