State of Louisiana Board of Regents Report on Dual Enrollment Has Really Great Data, Recommendations, and Covid-Post Covid Results

This 2023 Dual Enrollment Task Force Report  does an excellent job of capturing meaningful data on outcomes, and performance for dual enrollment programing participation in the State.  It also shows that data over time, and including during the Pandemic-impact years.  Access issues, funding, teacher credentialing efforts, and more are noted within a set of recommendations for higher ed, secondary ed. legislators and more.  The report is well organized and packed with supporting documents. Read More

Ed Research for Action publishes summary of researach looking at student success in early college courses

This Summary Report provides a quick overview of research conducted by:  Dylan Conger (George Washington University), Steven W Memelt (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Maria Louisa Vasquez (George Washington University).  A copy of the full report is also linked to this summary.   Key insights, strategies, and research findiings/limitations are summarized here. Read More