A new research analysis on the why? behind dual credit education…Is it clearly stated in the language that describes it?

The report entitled, “Democratizing Dual Enrollment: Beyond Economic Rationales”by Julia C. Duncheon [U of Washington] and Dustin Hornbeck [U of Memphis] takes an interesting research approach to understand what drives dual enrollment;  is it the quest for the broad benefits of higher education, or civic responsiveness, or economic fortitude.  Perhaps the answer lies in the way we talk about or describe dual enrollment. Read More

Advanced Placement or Dual Credit? Which is the favored path for high school students?

This ARTICLE provides a primer on the differences and the plus/minus elements of both choices.  the article is short, but it includes links to additional content and information. Read More

Indiana’s Commission for Higher Education is extending its partnership with INvestEd and the Center of Escellence in Leadership of Learning to support teacher credentialing

This is a quick update on graduate courses offered for free through Teach Dual Credit Indiana.  This goes a long way toward building a pipeline of dual credit credentialed teachers in Indiana….well done.  This short news item can be found HERE Read More

College in High School Alliance brings to the forefront the ‘Next Phase of Dual Enrollment Policy’

The subtitle of this paper is “a Vision for the field”, which suggest a shift in our current focus on building and scaling dual enrollment to forward aspirations for greater access and equity objectives and thereby realize a more comprehensive level of participation in the benefits realized in previous programing phases.  The new orientation is the inclusion of a much expanded dual enrollment student population, not tied to exceptional academic performers alone, but to all students’ career and occupational goals […] Read More