College in High School Alliance brings to the forefront the ‘Next Phase of Dual Enrollment Policy’

Posted on November 10, 2023 by
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The subtitle of this paper is “a Vision for the field”, which suggest a shift in our current focus on building and scaling dual enrollment to forward aspirations for greater access and equity objectives and thereby realize a more comprehensive level of participation in the benefits realized in previous programing phases.  The new orientation is the inclusion of a much expanded dual enrollment student population, not tied to exceptional academic performers alone, but to all students’ career and occupational goals and related pathways for success .  This new orientation to dual enrollment is supported by data, programing excellence, and innovation in teeing up a post secondary future that starts much earlier than graduation from high school.  

The authors recognize two tiers of effort which incorporates a pragmatic understanding of variations in policy, programing, funding, etc. among states and a concurrent desire to build cross-state bridges in credit transfers, programing vigor and teaching capacities. 

read the full paper HERE

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