Interesting take on changing education’s value proposition to future workforce needs that starts with a focus on career pathways

Posted on January 29, 2024 by
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Dual enrollment – along with other strategies – gets applied in the case that is made in an essay by Jared Polis in The 74 Newsletter, entitled, “How Blurring the Lines Between High School, Colletge and Careers Can Set More Teens Up for Success” 

He argues for an integration of education from K12-forward with business and industry to better align evolving demands for current and future skills/needs.  A mix of education, experience and employment needs to break down the divisions among those legacy stages in workforce development and a change in focus on legacy metrics to acquired competencies in skills.

This is not a particularly new or shocking approach, but rather another in a long string of folks advocating for ways to make the system go faster and go toward occupational career pathways for the benefit of students and a healthy economy.

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