The College in High School Alliance and the Community College Research Center co-published a guide for States and Colleges to consider in building stronger dual enrollment initiatives

This report was released in January, 2024.  It is structured around three focal points:  “expanding access, strengthening on-ramps to postsecondary pathways and building and sustaining strong partnerships.” Find the report HERE Read More

Another look at the Ohio State Audit and survey report on Ohio’s College Credit Plus Program

This ARTICLE in the Inside Higher Ed entitled, “A State Calculates the Cost of Dual Enrollment” by Sara Weissman takes a cost accountant’s view of the College Credit Plus Program in Ohio.  That perspective recognizes the significant positive impact on enrollment data for Community Colleges, but it also raises the questions about whether or not such programing is structured as a sustainable business model, particularly when including indirect costs in addition to direct teaching costs as part of the overall assessment.  […] Read More