Research Development Grants – NACEP call for proposals for 2023-2024

      CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2023-2024 Research Development Grants The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) Research Commission is seeking proposals for research grants focused on research on dual and concurrent enrollment programs.  Successful proposals will be funded between $500 – $2,000 in a research grant. Preference will be given to grant proposals that address policies, practices, and topics that are of contemporary relevance and interest to the NACEP Board and NACEP Research Commission, including (listed in alphabetical […] Read More

Helios and WestEd published a Research Brief on Dual Credit Coursework in the State of Florida – good program reviews and strategy implementation

This May 2023 Brief by Helios and WestEd reviews efforts in the State of Florida to provide accelerated coursework and to do so for the broadest student audience possible.  The research compiled survey work on student populations participation and outcomes. Read More

Southern Regional Education Board recently published their report on dual enrollment across 16 member states in the Southeast part of the country

This April 2023 report provides a state to state summary of efforts underway to provide dual enrollment programing, credentials, workforce prep, and funding logic for all states covered by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB).  SREB’s dual enrollment objectives are well represented among the programs and strategic approaches to providing dual credit course content for students.  Workforce alignment in course content is tied to occupational and university pathways, including content to address teacher shortages in general and in meeting teacher […] Read More