Teacher Pipeline and Professional Development as a Solution

The challenges of talent development, particularly in a teacher shortage market, are often overlooked, when the opposite approach is needed.  This short read from NEW AMERICA https://www.newamerica.org/education-policy/edcentral/can-a-person-centered-approach-to-professional-development-help-retain-teachers/ makes that case Read More

Research on demographics for Concurrent Credit enrollment – more evidence on access issues

  Naff, D., Assoicate Director of the Metropolitan Educational Research Conortium (MERC) of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education (2022). “Who Takes Dual Enrollment Classes? A Research Brief. Richmond, VA: Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium”. This research publication is a quick read on the unique demographics of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes for students classified as economically disadvantaged and with respect to racial groupings.  It validates the combined discoveries of the benefits of college credit pathways while also pointing […] Read More