Georgia Legislators move forward on efforts to assure continued strength in Dual Credit Programing

This Article in the Walker County Messenger is another segment on the Georgian legislature’s work toward shoring up dual credit programing in the state with funding stability and commitments to hire more high school counselors and dual credit instructors.  The focus has been on programing’s in content areas that lead to occupational pathways that support the economy’s demand for specific labor/trades/skills and specialties. Read More

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center has released this year’s ‘High School Benchmarks’ report

This report provides some striking data on the lasting impacts of Covid on student enrollments, persistence and disparities in post secondary enrollments.  There is some promising indicators that a rebound is underway, but the Covid class of 2020 seems to be left behind.   I didn’t look at the data itself, but for those looking for some validation of what many have noted or experienced, this report and the data may be very useful. Read on HERE Read More

Georgia’s legislature looks to build off a strong performance in dual enrollment programs in the state

Take a look at this article from THE CURRENT that describes a pretty strong appreciation for dual enrollment in Georgia’s school systems.  It looks to firm up funding, policy glitches and recruitment with a series of legislative actions. There’s some good data points in the article plus some common sense logic to assist students and school districts to accelerate success while refining expectations and limitations of programing.   Read this brief article HERE Read More