Wisconsin Dual Credit Information

Wisconsin students and parents are increasingly recognizing the benefits of dual credit coursework.  It enables a fast track to credentials, with the attending savings in the cost of post secondary education.

  • There are several pathways for students to pursue dual credit courses among receiving institutions. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction describes them here.  
  • Dual-Enrollment teachers of Wisconsin Technical Colleges may contact their individual Career Prep Coordinators in their Wisconsin Technical College District – click here for more information

Participating Institutions

Tuition Support

Enabling Legislation

  • Wisconsin Senate Bill 711 was enacted on April 3, 2018. 
  • Wisconsin Act 59 (2019) expanded the use of existing workforce training funding from the Dept. of Workforce Development to be used to train teachers, including those in dual enrollment programs
  • Wisconsin Statute 106.27 (1)(b)(1) creates grants for programs that train teachers, including teachers in dual enrollment programs.
  • Wisconsin Statute 106.27(1)(b)(2) defines dual enrollment programs as ‘programs or courses of study designed to provide high school students the opportunity to gain credits in both technical college and high school, including transcripted credit programs or other educational services provided by contract between a school district and a technical college.