South Dakota Dual Credit Information

The South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) offers dual credit through two different methods: the High School Dual Credit Program and Concurrent Credit.

  • The High School Dual Credit (HSDC) Program consists of courses offered by the six state universities and four technical colleges. These courses are taught in-person or online by college faculty. Tuition is set at a reduced HSDC tuition rate. The State pays for two-thirds of the cost, with students paying the remaining one-third.
  • Concurrent Credit is dual credit taught by high school teachers. Individual school districts sign agreements with our of SDBOR’s six state universities to teach that university’s course(s), and for the university to offer credit. Teachers must meet HLC standards for teaching college-level courses. The school pays the teacher salary, and students pay $40/credit hour.

Concurrent Enrollment teachers must have both a graduate degree and 18 credit-hours of graduate work in the discipline for the course they will teach, per HLC requirements.

All six SDBOR universities offer graduate certificates in Graduate Mathematics & Advanced Graduate Mathematics. Each certificate is 9 credit hours, totaling the 18-credit hours required by HLC.

For questions pertaining to the application process, please contact the School of Education at your chosen university:

Participating Institutions

Tuition Support

SDBOR institutions offer 50% reduced tuition for eligible elementary/secondary teachers and vocational instructors. 

Enabling Legislation

  • South Dakota Codified Law 13-28-37.1 is the statute authorizing the HSDC Program in the State of South Dakota, and allowing for funding of those courses. There are currently no statutes regarding Concurrent Credit.

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