This report from the Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) provides a comprehensive guide to the elements required of a postsecondary credit program for secondary institutions

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TICAS research evaluated MI based programs using a holistic approach, anchored in fully developed appreciation for the intended outcomes/benefits of such programing.  It then moves to describing the various programs in MI that provide pathways to achieving post secondary college credits.  This exercise includes data and observations about ease of access, racial disparities, some built in dysfunction or disincentives in terms of institutional motivation – largely focused on revenue impacts and enrollment impacts.  

The report does recommend a full understanding by all participating institutions (leadership, teachers, students, legislators, etc) prior to committing to programs.

I liked how it recognized the operational considerations:  staffing, underwriting training/credentials, space commitments, incorporating support infrastructure for students, funding, and more.  

All these considerations are laid out in clear/concise tables.

Overall, this research provides an advocacy position, but it does so with lots of pragmatic and objective information that brings clarity to  any discussion about the merits or demerits of postsecondary credit earning programs in a secondary institution.  Click HERE to read the report from TICAS

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