Submit Member Feedback on Proposed Assumed Practices related to Faculty Qualifications – dual and concurrent enrollment faculty

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Dear Midwestern Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Community,   Today HLC has issued proposed revisions to its Assumed Practices pertaining to the qualifications of dual and concurrent enrollment instructors. HLC is asking for comments from the dual and concurrent enrollment community by February 15, 2023. Please consider offering feedback to them so that they have a rich understanding of how the proposed changes to the Assumed Practices might have an impact on your work and the programs you offer.  Please see their invitation link HLC Solicits Feedback from Members regarding Proposed Updates to Assumed Practices related to Faculty Qualifications (, which contains links to the proposed language and to the feedback form.   I hope you will also join me in thanking them for this opportunity.   Warm regards, Jenny   Jenny Parks (Hear my name) (she/her/Ms.) (Why Pronouns Matter) Vice President Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) 105 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 450 Minneapolis, MN  55401 Primary/Cell: 608-461-0138 Fax: 612-767-3353 Office: 612-677-2779 [email protected]    

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