Iowa Dual Credit Information

  • Iowa high school students enroll in college coursework through a variety of mechanisms including Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO), courses delivered through sharing agreements between community colleges and local school districts, and enrollment in college courses independently as a tuition-paying student. Additionally, students enroll in high school courses that postsecondary institutions recognize for college credit or advanced standing.
  • Teachers shall be appropriately licensed to teach the subject the institution is employing the teacher to teach and shall meet the standards and requirements set forth which other full-time instructors teaching within the academic department are required to meet and which are approved by the appropriate postsecondary administration.

Participating Institutions

Tuition Support

Enabling Legislation

Iowa Code 261E.2 – Senior Year Plus Program

Other Information

Senior Year Plus and Dual-Enrolled Students – Senior Year Plus serves as an umbrella for a variety of programs designed to provide high school students access to courses that have the potential to generate college credit, and include Advanced Placement courses, Postsecondary Enrollment Options, Concurrent Enrollment, and Career Academies.