Ohio Dual Credit Information

Ohio’s College Credit Plus is the sole structure for the use of state taxpayer dollars for dual enrollment.  The CCP is a collaboration between the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Ohio Department of Education

Students in grades 7 through 12 can apply to participate in the program by demonstrating college-readiness via a standardized assessment exam. Upon showing readiness, the student must also meet college admission requirements of the college of their choice. All public colleges and secondary schools must participate, while private colleges and secondary schools can choose to participate. However, if a private school student chooses to participate, then the private secondary school automatically must participate. Homeschooled students can also choose to participate. Students may enroll in college courses at the college campus, online, or at the high school location with an approved, credentialed high school teacher or a college-employed faculty member.

Ohio students saved over $1 billion on tuition in the seven years of the College Credit Plus program

To learn more about becoming an approved, credentialed high school teacher in Ohio Click HERE

The breakdown of course enrollments for 2019-2020:

  • Number of Participants:  78,316
  • At the high school location with an approved secondary teacher:  40.3%
  • On the college campus:  15.4%
  • Online:  36.2%
  • At the high school location with a college faculty:  8%

Review the full College Credit Plus Annual Report for 2021-2022 for more information


Teacher Credentialing Grants

Teacher Credentialing Grants  In 2019, allocated 3 million for grants to support graduate coursework for high school teachers seeking to teach College Credit Plus program programs in their district.  There are plans to renew this grant for teachers across Ohio.


Participating Institutions

Enabling Legislation

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3365.01-3365.15 – College Credit Plus Program Definitions

Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-65 – 3333-1-65.13 – Definitions

Additional Information

Relavant Links:

Resources for Secondary Schools

Resources for Higher Education Institutions


Contacts for the College Credit Plus Team at the Ohio Department of Higher Education:

Director Rebecca Stewart (Harr):  614.728.3094

Program Manager Carly Boseker 614.466.0965

Early College High Schools:

Ohio has an early college model that allows students to complete requrements of their high school diploma while earning college credit towards a degree or certificate.  These Early College High Schools are exempt from the CCP program and operate as a partnership between a secondary school district and an institution of higher education.  

Early College High School information