Is it time to shift expectations for K-12? This piece by Jamie Merisotis, CEO for the Lumina Foundation, suggests its time to set a new secondary educational bar, described as “K-14”

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This Forbes Newsletter from May 1, 2024 starts a conversation about the need for shifting the objective of secondary education from graduation to that of meeting the demands in the current and future workforce for more knowledge and skills.  

This orientation includes dual credit programing as an example of programing offered in High School that looks to provide academic achievement beyond a high school diploma.

We need to see more of this thinking and doing.  Mr. Merisotis leaves the complexities of funding and legacy practices aside for the moment, reccognizing their importance, but also trying to stay grounded in the basic tennants of moving from legacies to transitions to new practices.  

The first steps are always oriented to change, which is always difficult.

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