Interesting article via Northern Public Radio about dual credit comparisons to Advanced Placement in Illinois

Dual credit in Illinois is clearly growing in popularity.   Responding to a fifty percent increase in the number of students taking dual credit over the past five years creates interesting challenges for school administrators in Illinois.  Where Advanced Placement can be taught by high school instructors, dual credit teachers need college faculty credentialing (a Masters Degree in the subject matter or a Masters Degree in any field and 18 credits of graduate level course work in the subject matter).  the […] Read More

Jobs for the future tackles prominent obstacles facing rural schools dual enrollment with a case study in Texas

This is a very honest assessment of the types of challenges facing rural schools when designing and delivering dual credit programing. The Executive Summary for the case study provides a quick overview of the challenges along with general suggestions about redressing them.  The Full Case Study of Three Rural Texas High Schools is actually a pretty quick read as well. Read More

Here’s a forward post from Amy Williams of the National Alliance of Concurrent Education Partnerships (NACEP) that compare AP course work to Dual/Concurrent Credit Coursework

Advanced Placement Compared to Dual Credit NACEP provided a collection of recently published articles that look at the similarities and differences in AP courses and Dual Credit courses.  Each of these were created to meet the high achievement student’s need for greater academic challenge.  Dual credit is shifting away from a primary focus on high achievers to redress access and diversity objectives for students that target post-secondary aspirations.  These articles provide a solid understanding of the various benefits and challenges […] Read More